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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Constipation Relief For Women

Naturopathic Doctor Reveals 37 Strategies That Women Can Use To Rid Themselves Of Constipation, Gas, Bloating And Resulting Fatigue.

Discover The 7 Most Common Causes of Constipation That Every Woman
Should Know and Avoid(It's Not What Most Women Are Thinking)

Think of your colon like a short hose. If you keep on packing food down that hose but have the other end clogged up, what's going to happen?

Two things: The tube is going to start bulging outward, because there is no exit point.

Secondly, that food is going to start to rot. By rotting I mean it will ferment, fester and stagnate — becoming food for microscopic bacteria...

Here's where it all starts to make sense to them...

...when those bacteria feast on the leftovers inside your gut, they produce gas. Gas and backed up waste cause bloating, cramps and transforms your gut into a trash bin."

Those same bacteria also produce waste products that damage the lining of your colon and the nerves responsible for pumping food out.

This doctor simply makes sense!

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